She worked tirelessly all day, getting us ready to list the house.
— Geri P., farmington hills, MI

Beth and her team worked with me on our out-of-state move in May. We had lived in our home for 30 years and we went through each room, packed things, purged unwanted items and trash. We spent 4 weeks on the house. I was happy with the results. I would highly recommend her for anyone moving or needing a large clean out like we did.

I just have to say a HUUUUGE thank you to Beth!
— Cabri C., lubbock, Tx

She has been an absolute asset to increasing my clients in my organization business! Beth, I love your willingness to try new things with so much enthusiasm and charisma. I also am so thankful for being the 'voice of reason' when I need a second opinion AND the sweetest, most caring 'get your rear in gear' encourager! You also have reminded why its so important to stay true to myself! Again, thank you thank you! I am so excited to see where you take this business in the coming months!

Beth and her team does amazing work!
— Kelsey B., Canton, MI

I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and she’s only done one room so far! I am so glad that I found her to help me with my house. She has been a huge blessing in my life.

Thank you Beth for all the guidance and for offering to share your wisdom.
— Ashley P., ankeny, Ia

I got to know Beth on Facebook and she was so open and responsive to all my questions about getting started as an organizer. In about 2 days I had my logo done with my business plan in the works, and a week later I had booked a few trial spaces and hit the ground running! I’m starting this as a “side gig” but I can already tell it’s going to provide greatly for my family and will also allow me to help others who need to add function and value to their homes. Thank you Beth for all the guidance and answers to my questions!

Our working day was more fun than what I expected.
— Sally G., belleville, MI

Beth listens to your needs. And gives what fee will before the consult is over. Her knowledge and speed were great, but she is easy to get along with. Our working day was more fun than what I expected. We just hit it off well making it a totally enjoyable day. I plan on hiring her again very soon.

Beth has been a godsend for me in starting my business.
— keli j., littleton, co

I have wanted to become a professional organizer for years but as a former educator and SAHM, I was completely lost as to the process of starting a business. Beth has been kind and supportive, providing me with excellent information and documents I have been able to use as templates for my start up.  I have thought about this many times and it feels amazing to take action with the guidance of a pro! 

She gave me the push I needed to make this dream a reality!
— Rebecca N., Venice, FL

I met Beth on Facebook and she immediately started sharing her knowledge and wisdom on how to start my own organizing business. I dragged my feet for awhile but her regular check-ins gave me the push I needed, she helped me a lot, Thank you Beth!

I had my business set but she gave me tips, ideas, and marketing to put to use right away!
— Tonya W., Nashville, TN

Beth was a breath of fresh air. I had my business set but she gave me tips, ideas, and marketing to put to use right away! With her help I hit the ground running! She’s only a message away. Its nice to have someone whose been there and done that to know you can run to anytime!

Beth’s enthusiastic help was greatly appreciated.
— Terri B., plymouth, MI

I needed a quick helping hand moving and putting away my office, basement and closet in the proper places. We were a great team! I love my new spaces and she was definitely worth the money. Thank you Beth!

Beth is amazing!
— Nancy B., Novi, MI

She looks at an area of clutter and instantly knows what to do. She even took a couple bags to Salvation Army. She easily established a good rapport with me. She is very kind, and I was amazed what she could do in only a couple hours. Organizing my apartment is difficult for me because of my disability, thanks so much, Beth!

I would recommend her for any organizing job.
— Mary J., northville, MI

Beth helped me organize my craft room after I moved to my new house. We spent several hours cleaning and getting everything in its proper place. I can now get back to painting and crafting as I did before. She did a great job with the task at hand.

she personalizes her advice to your goals and life situation.
— Anita T., doylestown, Pa

I wanted to thank Beth for all of her advice and organizational tips on getting me started in two new business ventures! I will be starting my own Housecleaning/ Organizing Biz and Teaching crafts to kids and adults. I could not have done it without the practical and amazing steps Beth gave me. If you are feeling uncertain, wondering if there is more to what you would like to accomplish, or need a “go-getter”, I highly recommend talking to this magnificent lady. Thanks again Beth, you are getting this woman excited to be an Entrepreneur!

She made my office useable again.
— Inessa K., farmington, MI

I have used Beth to organize on several occasions. She worked on many rooms of my home and made them look incredible. We did a lot of purging and relocating items, and made rooms functional again. I am happy that I found her to help me in this process.

She was extremely professional and efficient.
— Beth M., northville, MI

Beth helped me with a project at my medical billing office to organize years of old files. She was extremely professional and efficient. I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish what she did in a short period of time. I will definitely use her services again in the future.

I was tired with living with the clutter and I hired her on the spot.
— Stephanie N., plymouth, MI

I had her over for a consult and asked for her help. Her services, her warm and friendly personality and reasonable prices were all very encouraging. She worked around my schedule, and we worked through multiple areas of the house. She even offered to take all my donations for me! I would highly recommend her for anyone that feels trapped by all their stuff or just looking for a little extra help. I can’t wait to work with her again.

Beth is a great business and organizing coach!
— Audra G., Oklahoma City, OK

Beth is a great business and organizing coach! Starting a business can be difficult but she is so encouraging. She has great ideas to help you grow your business and achieve your goals. Top notch and I recommend her to anyone trying to start an organizing business.

She has provided me with many great sources as to where I can advertise and grow my business.
— Kelly M., orlando, Fl

Beth has been amazingly helpful in getting my organizing career off the ground. She has also provided me with documents and ideas to help my business be more legitimate and professional to my clients. I have been extremely surprised at the way Beth genuinely cares about my success and has consistently followed up with me and checking in with me as I navigate the beginnings of my new business. The ideas she has provided have been what has lead to most of my current business and leads and I am so grateful I found her. Beth is a fantastic source for growing your organizing business.

Beth is simply a joy to work with and is fabulous cheerleader!
— Amy L., wrentham, Ma

Beth is a wonderful business coach! Gives me all the help I need with where/how to start, document templates, available for any and all questions, quick to get back with me and has great suggestions/ideas, I’m blessed to have her guiding me through this new journey!

Beth works with you to determine which package is best for you.
— Julie P., Livonia, MI

She is fast, organized and gives you a nudge when you need it. However she will not force you to dispose of anything you don’t want to.She helps you achieve your goals in a friendly manner. I would recommend her to any friend or anyone needing her services.

My organizing business is thriving.
— Lisa S., Lake Stevens, WA

Beth has been a wonderful mentor to me. Due to her expertise & training methods I've managed to get my own home organizing business up & running faster than I'd ever imagined. She has helped with marketing materials & guided me through complex client situations. Shes always available when I have questions & frequently checks in to be sure my business is thriving. She is professional and inspiring. I highly recommend Beth to anyone in need of organizing or looking to start their own business in this field.

Beth gave me invaluable advice for pricing, contracts and methods for working with clients.
— Kelly D., Hartland, MI

I reached out to Beth after launching my blog and being asked by readers if I did in home organizing. It was the natural next step but I needed direction for the logistics. Beth gave me invaluable advice for pricing, contracts and methods for working with clients. She's been available as new situations arise and continues to offer advice to make the most of my business and my client’s time.