her story so far

Beth Spiroff has always been interested in order and clean spaces.  After living overseas for 14 years, packing and unpacking her prized Polish Pottery as she moved, country to country, she discovered that she truly enjoyed the process.  Upon returning home to the United States in 2017, Beth embarked on a new journey; professional organization.  She is passionate about making the ordinary look amazing, and delights in the material transformations that take place for those that have entrusted her with revisioning their home or office. 

Beth likes to create functional and appealing solutions to everyday clutter, and to create systems that foster new habits in her client’s lives.  She and her dedicated, empathetic, and creative team, implement her vision in each home or office project they undertake. They all truly enjoy delivering on the “less is more” philosophy.  With every engagement, Beth and her team aim to empower their fellow women, aspiring to achieve that highly desired place in their mind, and in their home; clutter-free and peaceful…